Auto Parts Data

Auto parts data classification query

• Original factory number query: support major car brands

• Accessories brand number query (such as BOSCH, TRW, etc.)

• Query by industry number (FMSI, WVA), part number (OE number, EAN, product number, etc.)

• Classification query: vehicle classification, engine classification, axle classification

Vehicle Information Inquiry

• Vehicle basic information: vehicle information, vehicle pictures

• Vehicle details: year of manufacture, power, displacement, cylinder, valve, structure type, drive mode, etc.

• View vehicle parts information by module: support all related parts information of this type of vehicle

Auto parts information query

• Assist enterprises to complete product data standardization, and support users to accurately search enterprise product information

• Full display of parts and product information: basic information, product parameters, OE number, compatible models, etc.

• Check the compatible model through the reverse direction of the accessories

Data standardization

• Standardization of enterprise product data: establish a standard process, standardize actual product data, and unify product numbers in the entire process of ERP, production, and sales

• With the support of auto parts big data, it can quickly incubate the same type of products, adapt to the rapid changes in the market, and provide competitiveness

• Establish a unified and professional product online catalog with multi-channel data


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