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Jiangsu SIYETO Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu SIYETO Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. It is a SaaS service company focusing on the automotive and automotive aftermarket industries. It provides export-oriented companies with automotive product data services, official website customization development, auto parts APP and small program development, Auto parts mall (B2B&B2C) and other complete IT solutions.

Company area(㎡)
30 +
Number of employees
100 +
Customer numbers
Enterprise advantage

Focus on auto parts website construction and operation, platform software development, and provide customers with comprehensive solutions related to product promotion, marketing improvement, service enhancement, and data management.


Deeply involved in the auto parts industry for more than ten years, has a deep understanding of customer needs, completes the most perfect delivery in the shortest time, and responds to project needs at any time. He is the best partner for the globalization of enterprises.


Relying on the accumulation of years of experience in the auto parts industry and tens of billions of data volume to build a full-volume auto parts data query service platform in the industry, various types of auto parts data services can be customized according to customer needs.


With more than 40 auto parts processing, manufacturing and foreign trade teams, as well as a number of senior industry experts, we can provide various auto parts data services professionally and efficiently.

Business model

Long-term docking with domestic and foreign automakers, with rich experience in auto parts manufacturing and supply chain, has formed a standardized supply chain management and operation model.

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